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We are pleased to announce that Marmari Surf Club & Beach Bar will open on 15th June. It’s no secret that Greece has been affected far less than other countries in Europe, however we have still made the necessary adjustments to the way we operate at the surf club and at the beach bar to create a shield against Covid-19. Based on the advice from the IKO and the guidelines set out by the Greek Government and EU authorities, our aim is to provide you with the same great service whilst keeping you safe.
For all of our water based services from kitesurfing lessons to fishing trips we have set out clear instructions for our team to follow. We will disinfect all the equipment before and after use and keep group sizes smaller to adhere to distancing guidelines. Hand gel sanitisers will be available around the surf club and its premises.
It has been a difficult and challenging time for so many people across the world so we invite you to a spend a great summer on the beach with us. Contact us with any questions and to book your stay with us:


We are super stoked to have been listed as the number 1 kitesurfing spot in Greece by Anaskela!
Our incredible wind statistics, and easy access from Athens makes our spot the perfect playground for you! Visit us this summer for a unique and authentic kitesurfing experience!
You can read the full review on here.


Are you at the stage of your kitesurfing journey where you have started to jump? Are you already doing small jumps but want to go bigger?
Our 7 day big air training clinic is designed for kiters that can already ride and want to take their skills to the next level. We use our BBTalkin radio communication system to give you instant feedback while also keeping you safe.
Contact us at for more information and to secure your place.


The waterfalls at Dimosari Gorge are a must see when visiting Evia. Dimosari Gorge is located in the south of Evia, on Mount Ochi, at an altitude of 1386m. It is arguably one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Greece. It’s 10kms long, and divided into two parts. Lenosei village is located in the middle of the trail and the gorge ends up at Kallianos beach, on the side of the Aegean Sea.
Contact us with any questions, for more information:


Maxence is part of our team of beach assistants. He loves nature and being outside in the elements. He has a passion for all wind sports and in fact any sport that involves a board of some kind. He is studying Business & Sustainability at university, but for this summer he will be there on the beach whenever you need assistance. His biggest adventure so far has been when he travelled to India to provide support for orphans

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