greek summer


Visit Greece who are run by the Greek National Tourism Organisation have used our beach in Marmari as the highlight of their nationwide summer advertisement campaign. The media coverage was huge this past week and a debate formed online focused around the location of this paradise beach. As the drone slowly panned away from the sand on a very calm day with water resembling glass, we at KiteGreece knew straight away that it was our beach! We love our beach so much!
The sand and the surrounding water of Megali Ammos are perfect for some of the services that we offer at KiteGreece. Stand up paddleboarding, snorkelling, swimming and exploring the surrounding Petali islands on one of our daily catamaran trips are great ways to spend your days when the weather is calm.
We thank Visit Greece very much for recognising the beauty of our beach, however they failed to highlight that Marmari is the best place be this summer if you are an avid kitesurfer or are interested in taking kitesurfing lessons to become one. KiteGreece is the perfect place to start your kitesurfing journey or make progress to reach your personal goals. We offer kitesurfing lessons for all levels, equipment rentals and you can also store your personal kit at the club.
Due to its geographical location, Marmari Surf Club is the perfect multi activity destination in Greece and is only 1hr away from Athens. Evia island is one of the windiest places in Europe and delivers good conditions all year round. At KiteGreece we offer a wide variety of services focused around the wind and in Marmari the wind delivers perfect conditions.
It has been a difficult and challenging time for so many people across the world so we invite you to a spend a great summer on the beach with us. Get outside and try something new!
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