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Positive news stories are reporting how and when travel services to Greece will resume. Tourists will be allowed to enter Greece without needing to take a test or enter into quarantine when international flights resume on July 1. Flights are being scheduled, but will only land at Athens airport for now. The ferry route from the port of Rafina in Athens to Marmari is set to commence this week. A list of 29 countries from the European Union, the Schengen area and Israel has been released. People from these countries can travel to Greece from June 15 without having to take a test and will not be expected to self quarantine. Air France have said flights to Athens will resume today. KLM Airlines will begin its route on June 6. The greek government announced that they will reduce transport duty tax from 24% to 13% making planes, boats and buses cheaper. Over the past week, cafes, bars and shopping malls are slowly opening up again. As the news develops we will be sure to update you.
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A few of the team arrived in Marmari just before travel restrictions were put in place. Now that the beaches are open we have been working and training together to create new lesson plans to ensure we adhere to safety recommendations and protocols.
Marmari has been delivering awesome conditions over the past 2 months and this week our team finally got out onto the water to do what they love the most.


We offer daily boats trips and kitesurfing safaris to the Petali island which is part of Megalonisos. This secluded piece of heaven is only a few minutes away from Marmari Surf Club by boat. You will arrive to find an exotic private beach with crystal clear waters in the colours of emerald and sapphire. This small, rocky and arid island has a special allure that has mesmerised intellectuals and international jet-setters alike.
Paloma, the daughter of master artist Pablo Picasso, used to own a property on the western part of the island, it Is now occupied by one of the most important families in Greece.
Opportunities for recreation are abundant, including hiking trails and bike paths as well as fishing, snorkelling, diving, and swimming in the surrounding waters.
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