Are you at the stage of your kitesurfing journey where you have started to jump? Are you already doing small jumps but want to go bigger and get more hang time? This summer at KiteGreece we have the perfect training clinic for you. Our team of qualified instructors have years of riding experience and love nothing more than boosting big. They are waiting to teach you how to get you sky high.
Our spot in Marmari offers the best conditions that allow for perfect practice. We will take you by boat to the deep water away from the beach with no hazards to be found. Here we will give you all the tips you need using our advanced training BBTalkin radio communication system which gives you instant feedback to correct any mistakes, keep you safe and help you progress faster.
Our beach is vast and at our surf club we have plenty of shade to debrief with your instructor after your lessons. Reflect on the progress you have made at our beach bar while watching the sunset with a nutritious meal and a refreshing drink or two.
Our 7 day big air training clinic is designed for kiters that can already ride and want to take their skills to the next level. Join us this summer and we guarantee that you too will be reaching for the moon.
Contact us at booking@kitegreece.com for more information and to secure your place.