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Since 2008 KiteGreece has been offering customised kitesurfing tuition for children. Using specially adjusted equipment, we have made learning safe and easy, giving children from the age of 8 access to this thrilling sport. Watch your child from the beach as our experienced instructors share their knowledge and witness the future of kitesurfing emerge from the water. Kitesurfing has many benefits for children and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
  • Customised kitesurfing tuition for children
  • Experienced, certified IKO Instructor
  • All necessary equipment (Kite, Bar & Board, Harness, Helmet, Buoyancy aid, Wetsuit)
  • Boat assistance
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The Ancient Chestnut Forest of Ochi Mountain is the last primordial chestnut forest of south Evia. East of the highest peak of Mt Ochi, at an altitude of 900 – 1100m a very small, ancient wild chestnut forest is located, which covers an area of approximately 60 hectares. Kastanolongos is a natural museum, where every ancient tree constitutes a living piece of natural sculpture. Because its aesthetic value is of national importance, Kastanolongos has been ranked as a Region of Particular Natural Beauty.
In autumn, while walking on a soft carpet of fallen leaves, one can watch the tree foliage dancing
in the blowing wind, its colours shifting from gold to shades of bronze. Due to the fact that hardly any chestnut forest with such ancient trees remain in Greece, we strongly recommend that you visit it.
Each ancient chestnut is a hub of life with hiding places in its cavities, in its hollow branches and stumps, where insects, reptiles, birds and small mammals find refuge. Inside the forest’s broad vicinity 59 bird species, at least 16 of which nest in the forest, have been recorded.


We had an overwhelming response to our first competition of the season. The competition is now closed, and the winners have been sent an email. It’s great to see so many people wanting to try kitesurfing to get started with their own kitesurfing journey. For every one of you that entered and didn’t win we are sending you a prize anyway…

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Giannis is the head of our safety and rescue team. He is Greek and a local of Marmari so knows the water very well. He will be there for you with our boats every time you need a transfer or just want the feeling of security during your first steps in your kitesurfing journey. Giannis loves the energy of Marmari Surf Club and is here to make sure you can relax knowing he is never too far away from you in the water. He will transport you to hidden spots that only he has discovered.


Yesterday was May Day (Protomagia) and here in Greece we take it take it as an opportunity to truly welcome in the Spring and the flower season. Flower shows and festivals are common and every major municipality will put on something to commemorate the day. One very common tradition is the making of a May wreath out of the local wildflowers which are then hung on doorways, balconies and chapels. Keep and eye out when you are strolling through the towns and villages.