Federico Bagnoli

Kitesurfing Instructor, Lifeguard


Im Federico Bagnoli, 25 years old from italy.
Im just a guy that is living his dream, and KiteGreece helped me make it true!

Im a kitesurfing instructor and world traveler, you’ll probably ask yourself why you
should learn kitesurf?
Kitesurf makes you feel free, when you will be able to ride by yourself you’ll discover
a new world made by you the wind and your kite! You will be in the middle of the
water only thinking about which could be the new trick you can learn! There is no age
no limits! You will be in contact with the nature all the time, the biggest gift that the
earth gave us! What could you want more?
Us together with KiteGreece will make sure to change your life.
Live your life be free!
Good wind to all.