Escape the crowed beaches of Europe and join us in Evia Island, as you explore an undiscovered oasis and local secret as one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. Evia Island host some of the best

conditions and locations in Europe for kiteboarding, paragliding, trekking, cycling, yachting and various water and adventure sports.

Not only is the scenery some of the best in Europe, but various 5-star accommodations will complete your perfect holiday in Greece.

KiteGreece is known across Europe for being a leader in kiteboarding and paragliding lessons and teaching. Our kiteboarding and paragliding school will give you the skills you need to master the art and become the expert you’ve always wanted to become. All while enjoying a scenic location and good company of our staff and local customers.

Whether you’re looking for the best watersports holiday or an amazing adventure sports vacation, we can promise that Evia Island is a perfect destination to discover and explore as you enjoy a beautiful scenic get-away.


Since 2006 Kitepark offers high quality services to the Greek kiteboarding scene. Kitepark is the only organized school on mainland Greece. Experienced Instructors, designated swallow water area for our students, private facilities, ideal weather conditions and the latest equipment make Kitepark a perfect destination for both learning and practicing kiteboard. Despite that Evia island is a perfect multi activity destination, it’s also one of the windiest places in Greece. Due to its geographical position it offers unique wind conditions all year round.
Especially from March to the middle of October the main spots offer Kiteable wind conditions every day. The wind strength varies from 15-35 knots and the water conditions from small chop to flat to mid-size wind swell which creates waves 1-2,5m at certain spots.

In Euboea you will find plenty of spots with different conditions for all kind of levels. We operate in three main spots: Big Sands Marmari Kitepark, Lefkadi Kitepark and Kimi wave spot. Kitegreece team will be at your disposal any time to assist you in any manner.