Big Sands Marmari Surf Club

Big Sands Marmari Kitepark

Big Sands Marmari Surf Spot is a spot of unique beauty and unmatched wind conditions. The surf center is located on the beach and just five minutes drive from the small fishermen village of Marmari. In front of the center is a big sandy beach with plenty of space to set up your equipment and land/launch your kite. Highlight of the spot is the amazing sunset and the view to Petalios Islands complex.

The little village of Marmari in the south of Euboea is a tourism destination recently discovered by European surfers who mainly want to relax in a quiet multi activity destination, enjoy fresh and delicious greek plates and pure nature.

Night life in the area of Marmari is not one of the favourites but there are a  few bars that play international music and serve fresh made cocktails. In Karystos, which is 15 minutes drive from Marmari, there are many bars and plenty of people both tourists and locals that party till the sunrise.

Wind conditions

Big sands Marmari Surf Club is one of the most guaranteed wind related destinations in Greece. Due to the shape of the mountains surrounding the village of Marmari and the small straight in between Euboea island and Petalios islands which create Venturi effect. It mainly works with Meltemi (northern) wind.

You can expect winds from 15 to 35 knots. So, 12 to 7 meter kites would be a good choice but mainly 9m is a good size. The spot also works with South, West and North West winds. An important note is that Karistos which is the biggest city in the area and 10 minutes drive from Marmari offers a 20km coast line with beautiful blue waters and nice waves when south winds blow.

Royal Sands Marmari Surf Club

Big Sands Marmari Surf Club