Lefkadi Surf Club

Lefkadi Kitepark

Lefkadi Kitepark is the most known destination for wind related sports and the only organized Kiteboarding school on mainland Greece. The ideal wind conditions of Southern Evoikos gulf combined with the wide free of hazards sandy beach of Lefkadi make the place perfect for both learning and practicing kiteboarding.

The kitecenter is based just on the waterfront edge and 10 minutes walking from the picturesque village of Lefkadi. Highlight of the spot: the twin volcanos view while kiting and the volcano sunset view from the snack-bar of the kiteschool.

Wind conditions

Lefkadi Kitepark offers unique wind conditions wether you are a beginner intermediate or advanced rider. Because of its geographical position in between the mainland and Evoia island,thermal wind blow almost daily after 3.

The strength of wind is 15 to 25 knots with side shore direction which makes the spot completely safe and ideal for practicing. The best kite sizes for Lefkadi Kitepark are 12 and 9 but often 7 meter kites are also used.

Best wind directions are Southeast and East but the spot also works with South, Southwest and West winds. Alternatively we use Liani Ammos,located 10 minutes drive from Lefkadi beach and works with North and North West winds. Liani Ammos is an amazing place to learn kiteboard because of the swallow waters and the great meltemi wind conditions. Pretty much in the area of Lefkadi you can kite 85% of the days from March till mid of October.

Notice: Due to thermal wind factor in the area, real conditions doesn’t appear on windguru when the wind direction is E,SE and NE less than 8-10 knots. For Lefkadi forecast please contact us here.

Lefkadi Surf Club