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Trekking and Hiking Tours in Evia

Agali Gorge DirfisSteni Mountain RefugeSteni XirovouniCentral Evia Island

Agali Gorge Dirfis

1-Day Trip

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Trek Description

The Agali gorge is one of Greece’s most wonderful and uncrowded gorges. It is located at the foot of mount Dirfis in Evia. The trails starts near Agios Athanasios village starting the ascent in the Agali gorge, continuing west round Dirfis. The scenery is daunting and will leave you satisfied once you get the the mountain refuge. The route takes us back the same way with nice views of the Evian gulf and Dirfis mountain.

Steni Mountain Refuge

1-Day Tour

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Trek Description

Starting at Steni village we head towards the chestnut forest. Climbing our way up we gradually start walking amongst fir trees. Our final destination is the climbing club of Chalkida refuge. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of mount Dirfis.

Steni Xirovouni Trek

1-Day Tour

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Starting off at Steni Village we head on towards Xirovouni mountain. The trail is uplhill and we cross a stream several times. As we reach out of the trees we come into the view of Xirovouni mountain which rises dominating above us. The rest is left for you to experience.

Central Evia Island

3-Day Trek

What's Included

Trek Description: 3-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Agali Gorge (7 hours, Level 1)
Day 2: Mount Xirovouni (7 Hours, Level 1)
Day 3: Steni - Refuge (7 Hours, Level 1)

Trekking Central Evia

Evia has about 30 designated hiking or trekking routes.

They vary in difficulty and length. With 2 organized mountain refuges, one in Dirfi and one in Ohi mountains, and many other hunting and hiking shelters Evia is the ideal place for taking a days hike.

You will have the opportunity to travel across beautiful gorges ending up to forgotten from man beaches, you will visit the renowned Dragon Houses which are spread all across the mountains of Evia, walking along the paths of our ancestors.

In order to get to each trails you will often drive through windy roads, scenic villages and ancient footpaths.

Trekking Greece

Trekking and Hiking Tours in Evia

Trekking Dirfi Central Evia

Steni offers a spectacular natural environment. A key feature is the river that runs through the village, giving the 43 stone fountains scattered throughout the village crystal clear drinkable water summer and winter.

Steni is a destination for all seasons, cool in the summer and beautifully snowy in the winter. Just 9 km from the village is the Dirfis mountain refuge at an elevation of 1150 accessible both by trekking path and dirt road.

The mountain refuge is run by the Greek Mountaineering Club of Chalkis. With a network of tens of kilometres of organized and mapped out hiking trails, hikers can safely wander into the dense forest to reach spots of great natural beauty.

Trekking Ochi South Evia

On the backside of Mt Ochi there is one of the most beautiful gorges in Greece, the Dimosaris gorge. The route leading to the gorge starts from the rocky canal of Petrokanalo.

The footpath is in good condition and well signposted and most of the trip is beneath the shade of plane trees. After a 10 km walk, you can get to the beach of Kalliani. Above the beach is a small Local restaurant where you can try local food.

Trekking in Dimosari

The Dimosaris Gorge is special because of its strange climate which is described as sometimes windy and foggy (only in some periods of the year). The cool microclimate of the Gorge helps to thrive for a variety of forest and bush vegetation.

Trekking tour in the Dimosaris Gorge is one of the most exciting experiences for those who want to explore the beauty of nature in Greece.