Paragliding Greece

Tandem Flights DiscoveryBasic Training Level 1Thermalling-Soaring Level 2XC - Performance Flying Level 3

Tandem Flights Discovery

Have you ever dreamt of flying?

Paragliding can make this dream come true.

Additional Information

Basic Training Level 1

Duration: 7 Days

Training Includes

2 Days: Ground training-Theory-Meteorology-Aerodynamics
2 Days: Low Flights - Hills
3 Days: Higher altitude flights

Thermalling-Soaring Level 2

Duration: 7 Days

Course Description

XC – Performance Flying Level 3

Duration: 7 Days

Course Description

Paragliding Greece

Our philosophy is to not accept any compromises regarding pilot’s safety! Basic training school is operated with two instructors simultaneously, present at takeoff and landing, as specified in the regulations of the Greek Airports Federation.

All paragliding equipment is supplied by the school. We use latest technology equipment from top manufacturers that contribute significantly to the safety, ease of use and flying pleasure of the pilot during the first flights.

Beginner Paragliding Evia

Tandem flights take place in Plataea Boeotia and Kandili Megara. Weather permitting, we will strive to fly you high to see the world from a different perspective that causing nostalgia for a long time after landing.

Our team has highly experienced and certified tandem pilots (championship winners and members of the national team for many consecutive years), as well as state of the art equipment so to make your ride in the sky as simple and safe as possible.

Duration 45 Minutes

Paragliding Courses

Basic TrainingLevel 2Level 3

Basic Training

Ground training-Theory-Meteorology-Aerodynamics

This part of training is the first introduction with paragliding equipment and various handling exercises and techniques in order to familiarize the pilot before proceeding to the slope.

Low Flights-Hills 2 Days

It’s time for flying! After mastering how to take off and land we proceed to a 50m hill for the initial flights were the altitude difference between take off and landing is gradually increased. This way the trainee pilot will become gradually comfortable before proceeding to the next and final stage of basic training.

Higher altitude flights 3 Days

After the necessary low flights each pilot will be ready for the first complete higher flights with significant altitude difference (300 m +). Two instructors one at take off and the other at landing via radio guidance will ensure that each pilot feels at ease and safe for the entire duration of the flight.

Duration 7 Days

Thermaling-Soaring Level 2

This training cycle aims at novice pilots and will literally open the door to the pleasures of free flight. The successful candidate can be anyone who has finished the basic training and can safely conduct take off and landing.

You will be initiated to the wonderful feeling of thermal and dynamic flying. Under our supervision and guidance, you will understand how to exploit thermals, upward currents and sea breezes, with ease, safety and in a relatively short period.

You will discover how to take advantage of what paragliding can offer you and have a bigger smile after every visit to the mountains.

Duration 7 Days

XC –Performance flying Level 3

This is the most demanding and complex training cycle of our school.

Assuming that the candidate pilot is already comfortable with thermalling and dynamic lift currents, we will evolve his / her skills a few steps further.

We take off together with the student and act as a personal trainer! Having continuous communication via radio, we will raise an alarm every time he or she is about to make wrong decision, will teach how to find the path between two thermals, will train on how to clear a difficult crossing, will reveal when is the right time to fly closer to the ridge in order to gain height and when is the time to fly faster. All these elements and many more, like pieces of a puzzle when in place will result in his / hers first cross country flights. (XC)

This course is aimed at Pilots who have already been on their first XC flights, request longer and more demanding distances, higher mean speeds during flight or even the basic techniques of competition flying should they wish to be introduced to this form of flight.

Duration 7 Days